Brand Profile

All classy and trendy products are designed and produced by experts in our factory in a unique and dynamic way to support a various brand in their collections all over and outside Nigeria, this has always helped us to gain our stand in the market and the industry as a whole, Customer relation, and trust is our secret.

Fashion Promotion

Jodia fashion has always worked toward the development and promotion of its brand whereby taking it to the next level from where it started. Providing fair trade work opportunities.

Best of Products

we put in full devotion into what we do, we make sure that our product is from the best fabric materials to make it original, our packaging is simple but with great innovations while ensuring our workers can practice their craft in art printing technique in good conditions.

Production Process

We coordinate all production processes so as to avoid errors, and to satisfy customers with supplies with fair-trade standards and sustainable development.


Expertise is our main goal so we employ professionals with experience and nose for trendy styles in the industry to keep our day to day production special and dynamic, our workers are influential in setting trend in fashion.